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  My leads make wonderful gifts. You place an order with me for a certain type of lead, pay for it, and I will mail a gift certificate to the person you would like it to go to, so they can pick the cord color and beading themself.



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  When you check out, you have the choice of using PayPal or a credit card, safe and secure.




  HIGH QUALITY-FAST SHIPPING-EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE-MORE CORD AND BEAD COLOR CHOICES THAN ANYONE- My leads are very light weight, yet beautiful and strong. The para cord is VERY strong, claimed at 550 pound test. The construction of my leads are very high quality. I was one of the original makers of this type of lead. I have been in business since 2003, with thousands of satisfied customers. There are certain things I do when crafting my leads that others don't, because a dog on the end of a lead, is a liability with a poorly constructed lead. I have shown dogs for over 40 years, and I know the needs of show people and their leads. Click on the button below to read more about me. I do not consider myself a hobby/craft person, dog leads must be constructed properly. My leads can be used on any breed. FYI, I do have some cord colors (in toy and paracord) that are not on my cord color charts, because I can not get those colors anymore, and I have very little left. So if you are looking for a certain color or combination of colors, please ask, I may have some left.

"Myself with Ch. Rolar's Miracle From Heaven at the Eukanuba National Championships, January 2005...going on to win BOS"



  TRUE STORY: My sister flew up to visit me, she has been using my leads for years. She asked to watch me make a lead, and after I made one, she said, I never realized how many steps are involved in making one lead. Then at a show she went to, she went to go look at some other beaded leads a vendor was selling, since she now saw how I make mine, and she called and told me, I could really see the difference in the beaded leads I saw at the show, no where near the quality of the construction you put into your leads, since I saw all the things you do, to make your leads last for a long time.


   Many top professional handlers around the world use my leads. Most people use my leads for conformation and performance events, but just to take your pet for a walk with a beautiful lead, is very special. I also sell my leads wholesale to dog show vendors around the world. They make wonderful trophies for specialty shows, using a gift certificate, so the winner can order the lead of their choice. I also offer gift certificates for individuals, that way your gift to a special person can be made just the way they want it.


  Because my leads are one of a kind, in the beads used on them, I can only show a few pictures, to give you an idea of what they look like, and via e-mail, you can order colors you want of the lead and beads. If you e-mail me, I can help you create the perfect lead for your dog. My e-mail and phone number is at the bottom of this page. Just click on any of the blue buttons below to see the different types of leads I make and their prices, you can click on the add to cart button, and use Paypal or a credit card as a secure way to pay for your order.



  You will receive your lead quickly, no waiting time. I usually can mail your order by the next day, after I receive your payment.








I SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! If you would like international packages shipped first class instead of priority for a lower shipping cost, let me know, I will have to send you a paypal invoice myself for those orders, my shopping cart will only show priority international shipping if you want it shipped out of the USA.



When you e-mail me about your order, I need this information:


1-type of lead (para kindness, toy martingale...)


2-cord color choice by number and color (chart is down below)


3-gold or silver metal beads and hardware


4-glass bead color, all metal beading or "bling"


5-total length of lead


6-for kindness, pad choice, smooth solid color satin, some colors in printed satin, or brocade satin






"Rob, OMG! My leads came just a few minutes ago and they are GORGEOUS! I could run up the mountain and scream in delight! I can't wait to use them. Thanks sooooo much!!! You really understood the looks that I like! I can't thank you enough!! I will definitely be back!!! I don't even know how you could top these except to take your advice and use the white with the purple beads for show! The white/gold lead is amazing, more than I ever expected!!! The color of the beads and that bling will really look great with his coat."


"I absolutely LOVE them! You did a superb job! I love the clear glass bead with the silver in it on the white lead and love the combination of smaller beads on it! I also LOVE the small black and gold combination beads you used on the black lead! They are both just stunning! I have had both boys out practicing with them on the past two days and they are doing great on them. The smaller beads give the leads enough "pizazz", but aren't heavy and don't weigh the leads down...I just LOVE them! Thanks for all of your beautiful work! You have quite a talent and eye for putting the right combinations together! ...and I could feel the extra good luck in them when I put them on the boys!"


"I have had many good comments about your leads and have sent people to your web site. The main thing is your leads do not break as I have complaints from people they have paid much more than you charge and the leads break after the first of second time they use them. Keep up the good work."


  "To anyone wanting a quality well made custom lead you cannot go past Rob. I had an unusual request for a lead and while both Rob and I were not convinced it would work, Rob went ahead and made it to my specification. The lead is perfect and works a treat. Thank you Rob for going the extra mile for me. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any exhibitor and/or pet owner. Excellent communication, excellent product, friendly and helpful attitude."


"Ohhhh Rob, they are gorgeous, perfect. I love my other ones, but I've finally found what's most likely to work the best for us and you've gotten it right on the mark! ! ! As I've tried different styles as a newbie you've created beautiful leads for me, but I just had to work with my baby and find out what worked best for him. I could just stare at them! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ! ! He'll look like royalty! ! !"


"Just wanted to let you know that we received the leashes friday! They are breathtaking..made just how we wanted them! Thanks so much and I am going to tell all my show friends to order from you!!!"


"My kindness leads arrived today from America and they are not only beautifully constructed but perfectly designed for the Shih Tzu, with a strong, soft large neckpiece. Rob was so easy to communicate with and prompt replying. Would I purchase again?? You bet I have already placed order number 2!!"



















































Please e-mail me about orders or questions.


(530)249-1074 (cell phone)




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