Egg Art

  The egg is one of the oldest mediums in the decorative arts. Traditionally, a decorated art egg is given as a gift to express the love and friendship that lies deep in the heart of the giver.



  These are unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted collectables.

They can be displayed on a stand, or can be hung for display. I not only make dog breeds, but I actually can make anything on an egg. These are real, hollow, chicken eggs, completely covered in seed beads.



Ideas for other eggs, could be:

Sports team logos for that sports fan 

Childrens characters

Other kinds of animals

Christmas ornaments

Wedding and Anniversary gifts

New baby

Trophy Eggs


The eggs for display in a stand, include a black stand.  If you want your egg to hang, I attach a gold-tone or silver plated hanger on top of the egg.  I also offer a polished brass or silver display stand for your egg to hang on.

You also get your choice of background color, of which I have several hundred colors to choose from.  So be specific in your color choice. (Metallic beads for background colors are $2 extra)

I can personalize your egg with a name.  Keep in mind the size of a chicken egg, and the more lettering and spaces you want, the smaller the lettering will be, and may not look well on an egg.




Beaded Chicken Egg.....................$100.00

Beaded Goose Egg.....................$150.00

Beaded Swan Egg.....................$200.00

Beaded Custom From A Photo Egg..... Chicken...........$150.00 Goose.............$200.00.......... Swan.............$250.00

Personalizing on the back..........$30.00 additional

Brass or Silver Hanging Stand......$6.00 additional (the stands for goose eggs just come in a satin gold color and are taller)

Priority Shipping.........................$6.00

$2 handling charge for each additional egg (not including the first egg, must be shipped all together in one box, because the shipping will be more as the box gets heavier)


Please e-mail me about orders or questions.



Perfect, Wonderful, Better than any picture! Very happy got my egg fast too A ++++

My new favorite!! Very Unique!! Fast Shipping & Excellent Packaging!!!

Very detailed work and it arrived safe and sound. Thanks, I love it!

Brings tears to your eyes.....Breathtaking

Beautiful egg- Professional job- would definitely do bussiness again :)

Awesome Talent! Beautiful egg!!! Thanks!


Amazing work-love my egg-looks great in my collection

Thanks so much for all fo these beautiful works of art! I am a fan of yours ;o)


See samples of my work below.







Brass Hanging Egg Stand



These eggs are especially unique for specialty show trophies, or vendors who sell a certain breed of unique gift items at specialty shows.

For orders over 20 eggs, the price per chicken egg is $75.00. This cost is with my own stock pictures, and not for custom orders. You can still pick your own colors of backgrounds.

Please allow 2 days per egg to make plus 5 days for shipping, before you need your order by. This also depends on if I have any current orders I am working on. Please e-mail me before ordering.





Bernese Mtn. Dogs



Bernese Mtn. Dogs




For beautiful handcrafted dog leashes and leads, please visit my leash page. Just click on the picture below.


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Untitled Beaded dog show leads, professional quality custom made.